Multiple Errors


Hi, Welcome to our new blog. Going through our routinely testing we came across Clickup.

Clickup was tested for different kind of bugs. The errors we reported were:

  1. Clickjacking
  2. DMARC
After reporting it the reward was not paid on these errors. As clickup is one of the top notch website in there field, we were expecting reward against it. But there wasn’t any.


Clickjacking has been discussed in our previous blogs, we will be discussing DMARC record.

What is DMARC?

DMARC record is the record where the DMARC rulesets are defined. This record informs the ISPs (like Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo! … Once SPF and DKIM are in place, you configure DMARC by adding policies to your domain’s DNS records in the form of TXT records (just like with SPF or DKIM).


Well there is a bounty program, keep trying. Maybe you will hit the Bulls Eye.


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